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Günter Eder, Roman Breier, Marcel Neundörfer
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Große Neugasse 1/5, 1040 Wien
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grafisches Büro: They develop holistic concepts that integrate into the everyday, yet – embellished with a subtle twist – stand out from it as well. In most cases the departure point is typography. Like the name says, the first part. Typography as image and story. From here other things emerge. Design concepts as identity production, social and content interconnections, atmospheres and experiences. The second part of the name, “Büro”, indicates something else; it suggests administrative work, potted plants, and standardized workplaces. But that’s something you won’t find at grafisches Büro. Quite the contrary. It’s like a first grin that accompanies the name, a first conceptual gesture. Or an odd sense of humor. Like at Müller’s Büro, the cult Austrian film from the 1980s, where the borders between fact and fiction dissolve, but style is always paramount. Being stylish, however, is not a primary objective. For sure, they hone the quality of the first impression, the surface, for the first encounter is with the surface: whether it’s a book cover, a website, an image, or a content strategy draft. The surface anticipates an encounter with a pair of eyes – recognition at first sight, unresisting attraction – then it delves under the surface, into the depths, under the skin. This aspect of going beyond the surface is characteristic of grafisches Büro.

Each project is seen as a challenge, to expand the defined framework as much as possible. Expanding in the sense of extending, experimenting, and also exhausting. Probed to the core. “We won’t give up.” A quiet endurance, a persistence, toward the best of all possibilities, toward the most elaborate mode of conception. No loud screaming. Irritation, of course, is needed, but in a subtle or abstract form. Always straight to the point. 

The scope of the works is vast and comprehensive – from business cards to content design for architectural concepts. From small to large scale, for private and commercial clients, from one-off, intense encounters to longstanding, cordial cooperations. grafisches Büro curates its clients; it doesn’t just find a fitting promotional logo or CI rather adapts and refines the contexts anew.

Things are never finished. Alternatives for further development are always left open. Work with grafisches Büro – when desired – never ends.

Text: Christina Nägele, translation:


About the website:

The website does not serve a comprehensive archive of our collaboration since 2001, rather it highlights projects which illustrate the spectrum of different approaches. It conveys atmospheres, impressions of the processual nature of the works. Through the act of scrolling a new contiguous story manifests in the coincidental juxtapositions.